Research funding in the field of inflammation & lung cancer

After its successful premiere in 2020, the InCa Research Award (Inflammation and Lung Cancer) will be offered for the third time in 2022. The aim of the InCa Research Award is to support young scientists in the field of immunology and oncology to improve the understanding of the role of inflammation in cancer.

The award provides funding to support scientific research projects that address the topic of „Inflammation and Lung Cancer“.

Submitted research projects are reviewed by an independent advisory board. Three selected projects will be supported with 20.000 € each. All applicants will receive constructive feedback from the expert comittee on their submitted project regardless of the award.

The deadline for the submission of project ideas is August 31, 2022.

The InCa Research Award is aimed at young academics with a research focus in the field of inflammation in cancer. Applications are open to:

  • Scientifically active academic staff members or
  • Research group with a responsible project leader
  • Applicants not older than 40 years at the time of application (parental leave will be taken into account), without a professorship (a junior professorship is permitted).

Applications must be submitted via the respective university or comparable non-commercial research institution based in Germany, at which the applicant must be employed. Applicants must obtain the consent of their respective institution before submitting an application and, in the case of institutions dependent on public funding bodies, must comply with the relevant third-party funding legislation.

The deadline for submitting project ideas is August 31, 2022.

Current or planned scientific research projects dealing with the role of inflammation in cancer can be submitted. A relation to lung cancer should be given.

Projects that constitute a clinical or non-interventional trial according to § 4 paragraph (23) AMG (German Medicines Act) are not eligible for funding through this research award.

  • Dr. Nicole Glodde (Bonn)
  • Prof. Dr. Frank Griesinger (Oldenburg)
  • Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kobold (München)
  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schütte (Halle)
  • Dr. Martin Sebastian (Frankfurt/Main)
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Thomas (Heidelberg)

Research projects from the advisor’s universities can be submitted in principle. In this case, the respective advisor loses his/her voting right for this project.

The award ceremony is expected to take place at the end of 2022 during a congress symposium. Details are yet to be announced.
If you have any questions about the InCa Research Award, please contact us at


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